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Riikka Couture is an evening dress brand that is highly known from its glamour and timeless style with crystal fabrics and lace.

The brand was found back in 2012 when the designer Riikka Ikäheimo lived in Paris and was strongly infulenced by the city of amour.

Years later the designer returned back home,to Finland and started working on her brand that would give each women glimpse of a glamour and happiness.
What makes Riikka Couture so special as a brand is the unique story behind it:
Founder Riikka Ikäheimo is completely self taught clothing designer,who started her career from a small appartment without any experience from making dresses.
She saw gowns in her dreams and started sewing them from old curtains without any knoweledge of design.
Developing her skills by buying old fabrics from the flea market and turning them into dresses her career started going forward and led her to Paris to find herself.
The city of love soon taught her she can’t be found,she must be created.
After Ikäheimo returned to Finland from France her career took of and her designs have been seen in many notable red carpet events and celebrities around the world.